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The 14th DIMF Opening Concert

October 23, 2020 7:00 PM
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The 14th DIMF Opening Concert [DIMF ON-TACT]

A gala concert with Korea's best musical actors

Online Musical Festival, DIMF will blow your mind!
The very first DIMF online musical concert !
For those going through the hard time by the spread of Covid-19, the Untact Opening Concert [DIMF ON-TACT] will be held for 90 mins on Oct. 23rd, 2020 (Fri.) at KST 19:00 via Presented LIVE.

The concert, where tens of thousands of musical fans and citizens come and enjoy all together at the outdoor venue every year, will be held online due to the pandemic.
To celebrate the beginning of the Festival, A spectacular line-up is waiting for you  

For "the 14th Daegu International Musical Festival"
Let us introduce the best of the best national musical actors.


Lee, Jeehoon
Kim, Sungkyu (INFINITE)


Michael K. Lee
Sophie Kim (김소향)
Son, Junho
Jeong, Sunah
Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
Park, Kanghyun
Min, Kyoungah
Yu, Hweseung (N.Flying)

and many more!


That’s not it!

You don't want to miss the interview from Kyuhyun (SUPER JUNIOR), a.k.a. Kyurther,
and the musical 'Werther' performance video


The first Estaer-European licensed Korean new musical 'Turandot'!
Unreleased videos and a special LIVE duet performance are coming!

The performances will take you somewhere you’ve never been!
The very live musical concert is right here for you! 

One and only chance,
Do not miss it!

  • Host: Daegu Metropolitan City
  • Organizer: DIMF (Daegu International Musical Festival)
  • Age Group: 7+
  • Running Time : 90mins
  • Subtitle: English
  • Content Type : Live (VOD is not provided)
  • Video Quality : 1080P


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DIMF is an international event held by Daegu City every summer under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism since 2006 to promote the establishment of a musical-oriented city and the world's first musical festival.

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